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What is Life' According to ancient Indian philosophy, life is a continuing, indestructible force that is eternal, can transcend barriers of time and space or, in other words, all physical and metaphysical levels. In this vast universe, life is the only mobile force that motivates continuity. Life transforms itself and takes multiple shapes to experience the various facets and challenges that crop up with each era, as we compartmentalise time and space. Jaydeep Palit, a young talented dancer and the brain behind Hritaal, a centre for creative and contemporary dance, launches his new choreographic production, Probaho, A Wave of Emotions on Earth, tomorrow. The extravaganza of music, light and choreography traces the various phases of ‘Life’ beginning with its odyssey in infancy. The unstable, somewhat confused steps of infancy as Life totters through this vast universe, still an alien to it, gradually matures as it witnesses the good and evil of this world, continuously tracing the vast canvas of life, and then absorbing everything within and becoming one with it. Life goes full circle and completes its journey. Its temporary abode, the body, dies and perishes. But Life doesn’t end there. It never does. It only takes a new form and continues its journey. This is Probaho.

When: Tomorrow at 6 pm

Where: Gyan Manch

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