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CIA in the dock over false Iraq charge
The White House pointed the finger at the CIA today over a false accusation that Iraq tried to buy African uranium. ...  | Read.. 
Sahaf may not return home
Former Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, who earned the nickname “Comical Ali” during the US-led war on Iraq, made a sudden appearance in Abu Dhabi today, s ...  | Read.. 
Salahuddin still firmly at Hizb control
The largest Kashmiri militant outfit, the Hizb-ul Mujahideen, once again finds itself in the eye of a storm. ...  | Read.. 
Diana fund freezes cash to fight suit
A memorial fund for Britain’s late Princess Diana that helps some of her favourite charity causes round the world said today it had frozen its cash as part of its fight again ...  | Read.. 
Sand sculptures of the pyramids of Giza and ancient Egyptian pharaohs are illuminated on the beach of the Baltic coastal village of Travemuende, Germ ...  | Read
Old is gold
Lethal shots
Super sheep
At airports, walk in your socks
The US said yesterday it would try to persuade all air pass ...  | Read.. 
How Cruise got over his learning disability
Scientology rescued Tom Cruise from life as a “functional illiterate” by providing tools to cope wi..  | Read.. 
Regime stronger after protests: Rafsanjani
A wave of recent protests and unrest has only served to st ...  | Read.. 

Blast in Karachi office building
A powerful time bomb exploded at the entrance to an office ...  | Read..