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Chilekothar Sepai

Chilekothar Sepai (Soldier of the Attic) by Akhtaruzzaman Elias is set in the turbulent days of 1969 in then-East Pakistan. The nation is reeling under the oppressive rule of fascist Ayub Khan. Osman lives in an attic in Rahamatullaís mohalla in Dhaka. Quite a private person, Osman begins interacting with his neighbours gradually and witnesses the country smouldering under the repressive regime. Meetings, processions, slogans and spontaneous protests rent the air. Khazir, working in Alauddinís garage, and Osmanís leftist friend Anwar ó all join in the death-defying struggle. Osmanís middle-class sensibilities are shocked when he witnesses police atrocities. He repeatedly tries to break free the barriers of his middle-class upbringing, but is unable to do so. His protests and anger manifest in his dreams. Obliterating the borders between memory, legend, past, present and the future aspired-for, the play recreates a pageant of rebellions that floundered but did not fail to inscribe the promise of hope. Fragments of history and memory are woven together to articulate the utopian message of the author. The play, dramatised by Samir Dasgupta and directed by Goutam Halder, explores the many layers of reality in imaginative terms. A Kalyani Natyacharcha Kendra presentation.

When: Tomorrow at 3 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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