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Inside Story, Athenia impress

Calcutta: Insider Story, Athenia and Advancer were impressive from among the following horses seen exercising on Thursday:

Outer sand track

1,400m: Callisto (Shanker) and Calabar (Surender) in 1-54s; (1,000m) 1-20s; (400m) 33s. Both were very easy bu the former a length better. Athinai (Shanker) and Affined (Surender) in 1-49s; (1,000m) in 1-18s; (400m) 30. Former moved well and was 2 ls better.

1,200m: Inside Story (Shanker) and Sea Royale (Rb) in 1-31s; (1,000m) in 1-16s; (400m) 31. Former was 5 ls better.

1,000m: Arrival (Shanker) and Shining Jewel (Domingo) in 1-22s; (400m) 32s. They were easy while they finished level. Modesto (Shanker) in 1-21s; (400m) 32s. Easy. Dazzling Turn (Shanker) in 1-21s; (400m) 30s. Was easy. Admirer (Shanker) in 1-22s; (400m) 32s. Aibernie (Shanker) in 1-18s; (400m) 30s. Athenia (Shanker) and Advancer (Surender) in 1-19s; (400m) 30s. Former was a length better. Both moved well.

600m: Imperial Pearl (Gajender) and Amber Song (Merchant) in 45s; (400m) 28s. They were handy but the former was a length better. Andreyev (Rb) in 48s; (400m) 31s.

Sand track

800m: Divine Sparks (Gajender) in 56s; (400m) 27s. Was urged. Knoxville (Saran) in 55s; (400m) 24s. Fit.

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