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Police find jilted bride a groom

Malda, July 9: Men in khaki turned matchmakers to save the day for a bride in distress.

Policemen from the Habibpur outpost, about 355 km from Calcutta, found a suitable boy for Jamuna Mondal, who was ditched on the day of her marriage as her father could not afford a motorcycle for the groom-to-be.

The policemen even pooled in money for an elaborate marriage and prepared a lavish feast the residents of Chandipur village will not forget in a hurry.

Jamuna, of Chandipur, was to wed Utpal Burman, a resident of Murgikandar, on July 3.

The “happiest day” of Jamuna’s life turned tragic when news reached that Utpal had called off the marriage because he felt the dowry wasn’t enough.

“The groom wanted a motorbike,” said Nalini Mondal, Jamuna’s father.

With only hours left for the marriage, Mondal rushed to the Habibpur police station to lodge a complaint against the groom.

“He pleaded with us to hurry, because his daughter would be doomed if the marriage was called off,” a police officer said. “We rushed to the groom’s house, but Utpal had fled.”

Empty-handed, the cops reached the bride’s house to give them the bad news. But the plight of the bedecked bride, face streaked with tears, moved the law enforcers.

Soon, Madan Burman, who tends to the plants at the police station, had unexpected guests. “The officers just went to him and asked him if he wanted to get married,” said officer-in-charge Uday Majumdar.

He refused. “But he agreed once the officers told him the whole story,” Majumdar said. “On his way to the bride’s house, he said he dreamt of a marriage, ‘with lights, music and lots of invitees’.”

The police decided to surprise him. Though the July 3 ceremony was a low-key affair, they held the fancy marriage Madan had wanted yesterday. To bring light to the village where electricity had not reached, the police hired a generator.

“I don’t know how to repay the police for what they have done,” Mondal said.

“I was contemplating suicide when I heard that the groom had changed his mind about me. But thanks to the babus, I can begin life afresh,” Jamuna said, tears welling up in her eyes.

The police said their job was half done. “We are trying to get Madan a homeguard’s job. After all, he is a married man now.”

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