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Transfer tussle trips hospital clear-up drive

Want to be more powerful than the superintendent in a state-run hospital' Just sign up as a Group C staff.

That’s the message going out from the Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, with superintendent Sukumar Das failing to push through a transfer order against a Group C staff. This blows to bits the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government’s grand plans to overhaul the administration in hospitals by transferring members of the Group C and D staff working for over 15 years at one place.

“What’s the use of my staying at the helm of affairs if I am subjected to such humiliation' How can I run the administration if somebody whom I transferred to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital last month continues to work here'” asked Das.

The superintendent complained that the manner in which the transfer order had been kept on hold — under pressure from the West Bengal Ministerial Officers’ Association, affiliated to the CPM-controlled state government co-ordination committee — has triggered protests from all hospital corners. Das added that he had kept state health minister Surjya Kanta Mishra posted about “the entire episode”.

Trouble at Sambhunath Pandit Hospital can be traced back to March when the government issued an order concerning the transfer of 23 Group C staff from different hospitals. Two Sambhunath Pandit employees figured on the list. On the basis of the order, Das served two technicians in the pathology department — Tapan Roy and Chinmoy Sikdar — with their transfer orders. Though Roy accepted the order, Sikdar refused, demanding that those senior to him be transferred first.

On June 17, a Group C staff from RG Kar Medical College and Hospital joined the hospital to replace Sikdar, who refused to budge. Das once again served the transfer order on Sikdar. “But on July 2, we received an order from the director of health services (DHS) Prabhakar Chatterjee, stating that Sikdar’s transfer had been kept in abeyance. This is really shocking,” said Das.

A defiant Sikdar told Metro: “I will see to it that my transfer order is permanently stalled. Our co-ordination committee leaders have already taken up the issue with senior party leaders.” DHS Chatterjee admitted that the matter was “very embarrassing”.

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