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Kalyan fire on ‘culprit’ Advani

Aligarh, July 7 (PTI): Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh today alleged that the BJP’s Ayodhya policy was solely guided by the objective of “saving the skins” of home minister L.K. Advani and human resources development minister Murli Manohar Joshi.

Talking to newspersons here, the president of the Rashtriya Kranti Party said the two leaders were the “main culprits” in the Babri demolition case and alleged that there were witnesses to prove that Advani was “so delighted” on the success of the demolition plan that he “offered sugar” to all those who were present when he received the news of the demolition.

Referring to the Centre’s charges against him filed in the deposition before the Liberhan Commission, Singh said he would issue a detailed rebuttal from Lucknow tomorrow on each and every charge against him, along with the details of the sequence of events that led to the Babri demolition.

The BJP leadership has “mastered the art of duplicity and double speak and is searching for scapegoats” but the more they lie the more I am going to expose them,” he added.


The Ayodhya conflict cannot be resolved by courts as any effort to settle the matter through litigation would make the losing party unhappy, minister of state for home Swami Chinmayanand said today in Calcutta.

“After all, the Babri Masjid Action Committee was formed only after the court ordered the unlocking of the disputed site,” he said at a felicitation given to him by the National Thinkers’ Forum here.

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