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‘Plot’ shatters safe northern Iraq myth
A myth that northern Iraq was peaceful enough for Indian troops to perform a cakewalk in the post-Saddam Hussein era was rudely shattered this weekend when tensions inherent in the ethnic complexities of the region exploded into a major crisis between Turkey and the US. ...  | Read.. 
Blair tells BBC to back down on dossier
Tony Blair has demanded that the BBC retract its claim that Downing Street “sexed up” material provided by the intelligence services for a dossier presented to parliament ...  | Read.. 
HK focus turns to bill rollback
Watering down reviled anti-subversion laws by Hong Kong’s government has done little to allay concerns and the legislation should be postponed to allow public anger to cool, ...  | Read.. 
Islamists triumph in Kuwait polls
Islamists and pro-government candidates swept to victory in Kuwait’s all-male parliamentary elections in a major setback for pro-Western liberals demanding reforms, results s ...  | Read.. 
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Wives on top
Flight feat
Kabul scramble to pump iron
A new city is flexing its muscles on the bodybuilding circuit — Kabul...  | Read.. 
Stiff Israel terms to free prisoners
The Israeli Cabinet set tough terms today for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in a..  | Read.. 
Putin puts off trip after blast
Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a foreign trip d ...  | Read.. 

Iran twins’ surgery
An unprecedented operation to separate adult twins joined a ...  | Read..