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Destination India for Microsoft jobs in US

San Fransisco, July 2 (Bloomberg): Microsoft Corp, the world’s biggest software maker, may move some customer-service jobs to India following US companies such as Dell Computer Corp, Inc. and Sprint Corp.

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft plans to hire 150 workers in Bangalore, to field phone calls and e-mail from customers with questions about its products, spokeswoman Stacy Drake said.

“We have communicated the pilot programme to them and said there may be some impact in the next year on US sites,” Drake said.

Companies from the US and the UK are moving call centre jobs to countries such as India and Philippines where labour is cheaper to save costs. Some, like BT Group plc outsource work to third-party providers while others such as General Electric prefer to manage their own operations.

The Microsoft programme is part of plans to fire 800 workers in Las Colinas, said Marcus Courtney, president of the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, a union that has opposed Microsoft employment practices in the past. Microsoft managers are preparing workers for the move ahead of time, telling them to look for new work, Courtney said.

“Microsoft is not coming clean with the public and employees about how shifting jobs to India is affecting its workforce,” Courtney said. “We’re starting to learn that hundreds of Microsoft employees will be losing their jobs.”

Drake said Microsoft has made no decisions about how many people ultimately will work in Bangalore or the effect the site will have on the three US offices.

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