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Palestine twins declare ‘ticking bomb’ truce
The Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared a three-month suspension of attacks on Israelis today, a move which could boost a fragile US-backed peace plan. ...  | Read.. 
US strikeback roars into Saddam’s old turf
US forces backed by aircraft and armoured vehicles launched an operation today to crack down on armed resistance in areas north of Baghdad where Saddam Hussein once enjoyed w ...  | Read.. 
Oxford professor slams the door on Israeli student
An Oxford University professor has provoked outrage by rejecting an application from an Israeli PhD student purely because of his nationality. ...  | Read.. 
Blow to France healing touch
France’s efforts to better integrate its Muslims were in turmoil at the weekend after a moderate Islamic leader tendered then withdrew his resignation as head of a council in ...  | Read.. 
Pop singer Britney Spears at the MTV Bash, a night of comedy at the expense of ...  | Read
Picture perfect
Church vows
Hu, Shanghai Gang in covert clash
First, a hit television epic challenging official history was yanked off the air. Then came a blata..  | Read.. 
BBC battle on Blair dossier snowballs
Britain’s government and the state broadcaster traded fresh blows today in a bitter row over claims..  | Read.. 
Chicago party turns into nightmare as porch caves in
A balcony crammed with party-goers collapsed early today, s ...  | Read.. 

Fee row shuts Nepal schools
more than 8,000 private boarding schools in Nepal are likel ...  | Read.. 

Sharif kin go into hiding
In order to thwart attempts by the Pakistani government to ...  | Read..