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Pak pitch for Kathmandu kickoff
The foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan will hold their much-awaited dialogue as part of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s peace initiative on July 9 and 10. ...  | Read.. 
Still hopeful
Pervez Musharraf said today that he was still hopeful of getting F-16 fighter planes from the US even though he could not secure a deal yesterday ...  | Read.. 
Three Cs that changed Mumbai
As the Shiv Sena pushes for an exclusivist Mumbai, a recently published book blames the city’s changing character on deep-seated maladies. ...  | Read.. 
Milk before or after: that’s the question
British chemist claims to have found the scientific way to make tea
A British scientist has announced that tea is better made by pouring the milk in first, rather than, as is more usual in India, the hot tea. ...  | Read.. 
US First Lady Laura Bush (right) escorts Pervez Musharraf’s wife Sehba at Camp David. (AFP)
The VHP’s opposition will have no effect on the board’s meeting on July 6 to consider the seer’s formula

Cotton smart, worms smarter
Crop-ravaging caterpillars resistant to genetically-modified BT cotton plants may proliferate i ...  | Read..
Atal sniffs change in the air
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had it right when he said yesterday, almost in an aside: “T ...  | Read..
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Delhi finds cheer in Bush conditions
The $3-billion financial package for Pakistan that the US announced ye ...   | Read.. 
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Bias tag on OBC offices
For a state that takes pride in its secular spirit, the offices handin ...   | Read.. 
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Britain in home-hunt quagmire
Iraqis said today that anger over weapons searches in private homes trigge ...   | Read.. 
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Roddick guns Rusedski down
American Andy Roddick burned Britain’s Greg Rusedski 7-6, 7-6, 7-5 on ...   | Read.. 
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Mr Advani, please save us from this Mayorgate
The Calcutta Gateway will reflect post-Independence Calcutta, as distinct f ...   | Read.. 
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Muslim Chinese
What an extraordinary coincidence that just as the 50th anniversary of Shya ...   | Read.. 
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Stock rebound gathers steam
Stocks marched past a 15-month peak today, reversing the two-day slide in ...   | Read.. 
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Arnie versus Reese with the muscle
Never underestimate the power of perkiness. ...   | Read..