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Set up different targets for bouncers
It is imperative to have the pads as the second line of defence while sweeping

I often get out after completing 50 when the team is chasing a target. Why does this happen'

(Vikram Ranjan, 14, Deoghar)

Concentration is obviously a big problem with you. Always look at the teamís point of view rather than your individual form. Push yourself mentally to be satisfied only after achieving the target and always put the teamís cause ahead of individual achievement.

I am a righthander and face difficulties in tackling inswingers. Please help.

(Nishant Dash, 14, Khurda)

Youíre falling over too far on the off side or getting too far across with your left shoulder.

I am a righthander and often get bowled by full tosses. I also have the tendency to play mostly off the front foot. Is this the reason for getting out to full tosses.

(Debanjan Nag, 13, Calcutta-34)

The reason is plain and simple ó youíre lifting your head and not watching the ball at the time of contact.

I often get bowled while attempting the sweep. Please help.

(Vivek Jain, 12, Gangtok)

Make sure you use your pads as a second line of defence. It means that your pads should be in line of the ball while sweeping, so that if you miss, the ball hits the pads.

I am a righthanded opener. I am often bowled by off breaks. Why does this happen'

(Abhik Goswami, 12, Bardhaman)

Youíve a problem with your footwork and not getting close enough to the pitch of the ball.

I am a medium pacer. I struggle with the line and length of the delivery when bowling a bouncer. Please advice.

(Bumba Dhar, 14, Calcutta-10)

This demands a lot of practice. At nets, you must practice against different targets before trying them out in matches.

What should be the most important consideration in deciding to bowl or bat first on winning the toss'

(Khagendrananth Chakravarty, 65, Ranchi)

The pitch and weather conditions will play a big part.

I am a righthander and often find difficulties in placing the ball out of the reach of the fielders. Please advise.

(Jitumani Das, 21, Barpeta)

Have a look at the field before taking guard to every delivery. Have a clear picture in mind as to where the fielders are positioned to find the gaps.

I find problems tackling a leg spinner. Please help.

(Biswajit Ganai, 23, Berhampore)

Watch the ball closely coming out of the bowlerís hand. Also, after playing a few deliveries, youíll get to know the extent of the turn. Getting to the pitch of the ball is imperative.

I am a righthander and face difficulties in tackling yorkers. Please help.

(Kalidas Chowdhury, 20, Bankura)

Itís a classic case of lifting your head too soon and not watching the ball at the time of contact. Also, watching your backlift will help.

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