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Problem phone

Dhaka, June 24 (AFP): A 60-year-old Bangladeshi man has finally got a telephone connection 27 years after he first applied for it.

“It is no big deal as I did not get the connection when I needed it most,” Mohammad Ismail, a retired banker, said. “It was a frustrating experience and I gave money wherever I was asked to because I needed the telephone very badly 27 years ago,” he said. “Now that it is finally here, I am happy and I have received a lot of congratulations from friends and families. I hope no one else has to suffer like me.”

in normal circumstances, people can wait up to a year or more to get a telephone connection. Ismail was just 33 when he applied for his connection.


Sydney (Reuters): A Great White Shark has gatecrashed a tuna research project in Australia, mysteriously appearing inside a fishing pen containing around 100 tuna. The four-metre shark, weighing 700 kg, is thought to have either bitten its way into the tuna pond or leapt a 2.5 metre electrified fence while chasing a seal last Thursday. Scientists at the pen off the coast of the south Australian tuna fishing town of Port Lincoln said on Tuesday the shark had swum contently around the pen, but they were not sure how the tuna felt about their uninvited guest. A head count of the tuna showed two had disappeared.

Lock luck

Washington (Reuters): Know your way around a lock' The CIA wants you. “The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking locksmiths to work with the best minds in the country while performing a mission critical to our nation,” the CIA said in a recent job posting on its website Locksmiths, who in spy agency lingo are called technical operations officers, are needed for such tasks as to “familiarise non-technical people with technical capabilities; do hands-on work; and travel worldwide.” The skill to fabricate lock parts was an asset for prospective CIA locksmiths.


Santiago (Reuters): A protester posing as an admirer tried to slap former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in the face as he was holidaying in northern Chile on Monday, a witness said. Pinochet, 87, has been vacationing for the past 12 days in Iquique, where a woman approached his entourage on a street. When she got close enough, she raised her hand to slap him but Pinochet was held back by bodyguards, a witness said. As police dragged her away, she screamed “murderer” and other insults at him, accusing him of ordering the death of her brother in 1973.

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