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Taking Metro for a ride

It is annoying to see how some commuters have mastered the art of slipping in and out of the Metro punching turnstile without tickets. They stealthily stand very close to bona fide passengers and sqeeze in or out. Sometimes, two friends buy just one ticket. Metro Rail should see that its gates are properly manned so that ticketless travellers cannot add to its losses.

Madhumita Ghosh, Purbachal.

Honking horror

Living on the narrow stretch called Russa Road, close to Tollygunge Cemetery, is slowly turning into a nightmare. The peace and tranquility of the area has been completely shattered by a thick flow of vehicles. The constant honking of lorries whizzing past throughout the day is just unbearable. Kids are finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies, but the elderly, suffering from heart ailments, are probably the worst hit. Sound pollution in the area has also exceeded the normal limits.

Debal Kumar Chakravarti, Lake Gardens.

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