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US troops stare at long haul in fiery Iraq
The US announced fresh plans to pacify angry former Iraqi soldiers and create a new Iraqi army today as two visiting US senators said American soldiers could stay for more than five years. ...  | Read.. 
Tiger agent kills officer
A suspected Tamil Tiger rebel double agent walked into a Sri Lanka police station today and shot dead an intelligence officer in the latest attack since a ceasefire was signe ...  | Read.. 
Holocaust law struck down
The US Supreme Court today struck down a California law that required insurance companies to disclose information about all their holocaust-era policies. ...  | Read.. 
Iran to ban July 9 anniversary rallies
Iran said today it would ban any demonstrations outside universities to mark the July 9 anniversary of 1999 student unrest following a wave of sometimes violent democracy pro ...  | Read.. 
Former US President Bill Clinton (right) shakes hands with Jordan’s Queen Rania as UN secretary-general Kofi Annan looks on during a charity dinner f ...  | Read
Spirited Beckham
Dog control
Toss vote
No memories remain in Beatlemania stadium
For sports fans, music lovers and even Roman Catholics, Candlestick Park is hallowed ground...  | Read.. 
Explosive mountain at sea
Greek officials were investigating today whether 680 tonnes of explosives found on a ship seized of..  | Read.. 
China gags virus weekly
Chinese authorities have barred the latest issue of maveric ...  | Read.. 

Mobiles, cars don’t gel even with latest equipment
Talking on a mobile phone while driving your car is just as ...  | Read.. 

Saudi critic stabbed in UK
Unknown attackers stabbed and wounded a leading Saudi dissi ...  | Read.. 

Court rules race a factor in US universities
A closely divided US Supreme Court today ruled that racial ...  | Read..