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‘The procedure adopted by the bank has established a dangerous trend’
Calcutta High Court reprimand for HSBC

Court raps bank force formula
Coax, cajole, coerce and then just snatch the car — the foolproof formula that financial institutions have been using while dealing with loan defaulters. But now, a Calcutta High Court ruling threatens to slam the brakes on ...  | Read.. 
Marital mess motive behind triple deaths
One day, two incidents and three deaths — all mired in the mess of marriage. One ended with a young couple taking their liv...  | Read.. 
Police eye legal route to enforce plastic ban
The police are ready to enforce legal prosecution against those flouting the ban on plastic carrybags in eight tourist spots ...  | Read.. 
Multiplication’s not the name of the game
Intercourse and interaction, sex and sexuality, physical postures and emotional posturing. But most of all, the discussion wa...  | Read.. 
The Phoenix flies off shelves
Indian publishing has “never seen anything like this”. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been flying off t ...  | Read.. 
An edge-of-the-seat thriller with a two-member cast —Antony Shaffer’s play, Sleuth, adapted for the big screen with Sir Lawrence Olivier and Mi ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Roads to avoid
Art watch
25 glorious years
Nothing perhaps tastes better than the sweet taste...  | Read.. 
 It's Your Birthday So...
You try to give your best in whatever you do. Music has a therapeutic effect on you. Efficient manag ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Three cheers for second hand...  | Read.. 
Juicy, messy yet classy
The best place to eat a mango, the sahibs used to say and practise in the d...  | Read.. 

Mayor breaks rebel ranks in council
A fortnight after rebellion shook the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC),...  | Read.. 

Recruitment rules bent for new courses
After asking under-graduate colleges to offer courses only in the emerging ...  | Read.. 

Sealdah’s new station shelter for vagrants
Built to provide comfort to commuters, the new building at Sealdah railway ...  | Read.. 

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