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Britain unsafe for Blair sis-in-law

London, June 22 (PTI): In an embarrassment to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his sister-in-law Lauren Booth has decided to quit “crime-ridden” Britain and live in the south of France.

Lauren, sister of Cherie Blair, said she has been driven from the country by the drug-pushers and muggers who plague the streets around her london home.

“I’ve been a Londoner all my life but now I’m moving to France, driven out by the grime and the crime that have made so much of this city unliveable in.”

The final straw came last month when she witnessed a terrifying fight between two crazed crack addicts at her doorstep.

She describes how, last month, her daughter began screaming when two drug addicts from a nearby house began a street fight.

“Everyone around here is familiar with how crack addicts behave. They have sole use of the phone boxes on the corner night and day. They get loud and violent. If you interfere in a fight like this your car, your home, your kids can be next.

“The fight went on and on. After almost half an hour of yelling, still no police.”

“Stepping around the blood the next morning, we made our decision. We’d had enough of the UK,” Booth said.

She and her husband, Craig Darby, have now moved to the south of France with their two daughters, aged two and four months. They have bought a farmhouse close to Perigueux in the Dordogne.

Booth’s decision, announced exclusively in The Mail on Sunday today, is a bitter embarrassment for the embattled Prime Minister who last year promised to bring street crime under control.

Last year, Joan Collins and actress Liz Hurley complained that London was unsafe compared with other major cities such as New York.

Booth’s decision comes in the wake of reports that the Labour’s standing in the country has been hit badly and the Tories could be heading for victory at the next general election.

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