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US bleeds, pipeline bursts in sabotage
A grenade attack killed a US soldier in Iraq today as a pipeline fire blazed on after an overnight explosion described by an oil ministry official as sabotage. ...  | Read.. 
On film, Becks can’t bend it
His soccer superstar status and drop-dead looks notwithstanding, David Beckham failed to grab even a walk-on role in a Hollywood flick after faring poorly in the screen test. ...  | Read.. 
Phoenix flies past peaks
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix became the fastest selling book in history last night after selling at the rate of more than 500 copies a minute during the f ...  | Read.. 
Britain unsafe for Blair sis-in-law
In an embarrassment to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his sister-in-law Lauren Booth has decided to quit “crime-ridden” Britain and live in the south of France. ...  | Read.. 
Avril Lavigne performs at the Concert for Toronto on Saturday. (AP)
Billy the brave
City of Lights
Lord’s gift
Prince feels sorry for the girls
Prince William spoke yesterday of his sympathy for his female friends — and their families — wh..  | Read.. 
Israel threatens more strikes on ‘ticking bombs’
Israel today warned of more attacks on Palestinians it brands “ticking bombs” after killing a senio..  | Read.. 
105 killed in Nigeria blast
The Nigerian Red Cross today said 105 people were killed in ...  | Read.. 

Iran students warn of violent turn to protests
Iranian student leaders today said a crackdown on protests ...  | Read..