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Jet sets and socialists
In the early years of reform, I found myself, one day, standing next to a somewhat corpulent businessman at Netaji Subhas Airport, Calcutta, waiting for the bus to take us to our aeroplane. Ranged in a row in front of us was a fleet of shiny new priv...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
One side of the story
Sir — First, the holier-than-thou reasons for waging war on Iraq, then the fabricated news coverage ...  | Read.. 
In whose interest'
Sir — Abhirup Sarkar has hit the nail right on the head by pointing out that the Reserve Bank of In ...  | Read.. 
Hot air
Sir — In “The charge of the child brigade” (May 24), Samita Bhatia mentions that Kutumb is ...  | Read.. 
Soccer is the team game par excellence. Even an outstanding talent of the calibre of a Pele or a Puskas or a George Be...| Read.. 
Peace still seems a far cry among Assam’s warring tribes. Life in the North Cachar Hills has been seriously disrupted for mon...| Read.. 
No harm in giving a few options
Life will not be the same for satellite television viewers in India after July 14, at least not in the four metropolitan citi...  | Read.. 
Here is one of the points about this planet which should be remembered; into every penetrable corner of it, and into most of the impenetrable corners, the English will penetrate. — ROSE MACAULAY
Singing true
Seeking Bauls of Bengal By Jeanne Openshaw, Cambridge, Rs 2,730...  | Read.. 
The fallen wives of god
A History of the Changing Legal Status of the Devadasis in India, 1857-1...  | Read.. 
Just be practical
A STRATEGY FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY By General K. Sundarji, Konark...  | Read.. 
To live by the scripture
The Making of Sikh Scripture By Gurindra Singh Mann, Oxford, Rs 495...  | Read.. 
Some survival strategies
Have you ever looked for a book published, say in the mid-Nineties, but is no longer on the shelf' ...  | Read.. 

Thoughts on language and terrorism