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Sniper ambush sparks Baghdad sweep
A US soldier died today after being shot in the back by a sniper while on patrol in the lawless streets of Baghdad, the latest in a series of deadly ambushes that have plagued US troops trying to police Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Calm in Tehran as protests fizzle out
Demonstrations against Iran’s clerical rulers appeared to die down on their seventh night today with uniformed police reining in Islamic militants who attacked protesters wit ...  | Read.. 
Paris swoop on Iranian exile group
French police launched a major swoop today on a Left-wing Iranian exile group based in the Paris region, rounding up 167 sympathisers for questioning over possible links to t ...  | Read.. 
Networks vie for Lynch story
US media giants are going to great lengths to win the exclusive story of former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch even though the army private apparently remembers nothing of her ...  | Read.. 
The front cover of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is being processed near Reno, Nevada, for its release on Satu ...  | Read
Street spray
Porn pique
Cute Kate
Bill Clinton lends the famous hand
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was so mobbed at her New York book party that it seemed she’d never ..  | Read.. 
Mythical tale of Mallory and Everest
One of the first things Edmund Hillary did when he reached the top of Mount Everest half-a-century a..  | Read.. 
Anti-spam pact
The US and 29 other countries today announced an effort to ...  | Read.. 

Red Cross to meet jailed Myanmar activists
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will be ...  | Read.. 

Stalled peace talks revive painful Jaffna memories
Worries about the future of Sri Lanka’s troubled peace proc ...  | Read.. 

Tokyo is costliest, New York tenth
Tokyo has replaced Hong Kong as the world’s most expensive ...  | Read.. 

US steps up bid to salvage W. Asia peace
The US today stepped up efforts to salvage a “road map” to ...  | Read..