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Baby with white blood

Mangalore, June 15 (PTI): In a rare medical case, a boy from Sullia near here has been found to have “whitish colour” blood in his body.

“It is very rare that severe whitish colour blood is found in a newborn,” Dr Srikrishna Bhat, a paediatrician, said over phone from Sullia today.

“It is due to the presence of excess quantity of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood,” said Bhat.

The doctor said the child’s parents, hailing from Sullia, which is situated 75 km from here, had brought the infant six months ago for treatment for a lung problem.

“Ideally, the fat content in the plasma (in the human body) should be 200 millilitres. However, the child has over 2,000 millilitres of fat content in the blood,” he said.

This type of abnormality, according to the paediatrician, is so rare that it is found only in one out of 1.5 lakh people.

Attributing the case to a genetic disorder, Bhat said the parents’ blood did not have any trace of it.

The doctor said the disorder can be treated through plasma pheresis. However, according to the paediatrician, there is no guarantee that it will be cured and the child will have a normal lifespan.

“The next generation of the baby will have a similar blood disorder,” predicted the child specialist.

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