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Clubs ridicule meet
- Confederations Cup l It’s an aberration: Deschamps

Paris, June 14 (AFP): The Confederations Cup is hopefully a thick-skinned individual for, if not, it is likely to be feeling a little sore after all the insults hurled at it over the past year.

France’s World Cup winning captain Didier Deschamps has attacked the competition which starts in France on Wednesday as an “aberration”.

Europe’s key clubs have all dismissed it as “superfluous”. Deschamps’ main gripe is that the Confederations Cup places an extra burden on players’ fitness.

The Monaco coach said: “This Confederations Cup is an aberration. It’s an event that attacks the physical integrity of players, they won’t have time to recover.

“We (the French League) start on August 2, France get together on June 11, and we finish the season on May 24: that doesn’t leave a lot of time to recuperate.”

Deschamps’ comments mirror the opinion from the G14 group of Europe’s top teams. G14 director general Thomas Kurth explained: “We’re opposed to this competition. We’ve tried to be conciliatory, constructive, to find a solution. Otherwise we’ll have to scale down competitions across the board.

“Clubs are lending their players, but they don’t get anything in return. Do the sums yourself — a major player costs his club between 4,000 and 5,000 euros a day.”

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