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Parties should be assisted in determining the point of diversion and monitor, document and control the movement of tobaccoproducts and their legal status. In addition, each party shall: (a) require that unit packets and packages of tobacco products for retail and wholesale use that are sold in its domestic market carry the statement: “Sales only allowed in (insert name of the country, sub-national, regional or federal unit)” or carry any other effective marking indicating the final destination or which would assist authorities in determining whether the product is legally for sale in the domestic market; and (b) consider, as appropriate, developing a practical tracking and tracing regime that would further secure the distribution system and assist in the investigation of illicit trade.

Each party shall require that the packaging information or marking...shall be presented in legible form and/or appear in its principal language or languages.

With a view to eliminating illicit trade in tobacco products, each party shall: monitor and collect data on cross-border trade in tobacco products, including illicit trade, and exchange information among customs, tax and other authorities, as appropriate, and in accordance with national law and relevant applicable bilateral or multilateral agreements; enact or strengthen legislation, with appropriate penalties and remedies, against illicit trade in tobacco products, including counterfeit and contraband cigarettes; take appropriate steps to ensure that all confiscated manufacturing equipment, counterfeit and contraband cigarettes and other tobacco products are destroyed, using environmentally friendly methods where feasible, or disposed of in accordance with national law; adopt and implement measures to monitor, document and control the storage and distribution of tobacco products held or moving under suspension of taxes or duties within its jurisdiction...

...The parties shall, as appropriate and in accordance with national law, promote cooperation between national agencies, as well as relevant regional and international inter-governmental organizations as it relates to investigations, prosecutions and proceedings, with a view to eliminating illicit trade in tobacco products. Special emphasis shall be placed on cooperation at regional and sub-regional levels to combat illicit trade of tobacco products.

Each party shall endeavour to adopt and implement further measures including licensing, where appropriate, to control or regulate the production and distribution of tobacco products in order to prevent illicit trade.

Sales to and by minors: each party shall adopt and implement effective legislative, executive, administrative or other measures at the appropriate government level to prohibit the sales of tobacco products to persons under the age set by domestic law, national law or eighteen. These measures may include: requiring that all sellers of tobacco products place a clear and prominent indicator inside their point of sale about the prohibition of tobacco sales to minors and, in case of doubt, request that each tobacco purchaser provide appropriate evidence of having reached full legal age; banning the sale of tobacco products in any manner by which they are directly accessible, such as store shelves; prohibiting the manufacture and sale of sweets, snacks, toys or any other objects in the form of tobacco products which appeal to minors; and ensuring that tobacco vending machines under its jurisdiction are not accessible to minors and do not promote the sale of tobacco products to minors.

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