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Elusive dope czar was 125 kg
- Heavyweight druglord would run global network from bathroom

If Upen Biswas wants to know whom to blame for the ‘nightmare’ drug bust at his Salt Lake residence, all the former CBI additional director must do is find his way to Fuzhon city, in China. There, a road will lead to a mansion where reigned the source of all his troubles — Mr 125.

But chances are he’d find blocked the door to the sanctum sanctorum of the crime kingdom — a bathroom. For Kin Cheung Wong — the kingpin of a global drug cartel, better known as Mr 125 for the simple reason that he weighs 125 kg — notoriously controlled his network from his bathroom.

From this mystery bathroom somewhere in China, Wong pulled enough strings to set up a laboratory for manufacturing amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) at Biswas’ house.

But the bathroom and the mansion now lie abandoned. The heavyweight druglord, who for long easily evaded the Chinese police, has finally fallen into the US Federal Drug Enforcement Agency net. The US agency picked him up during an undercover operation, stretching from May 16 to 24, close on the heels of the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) bust in Salt Lake.

“Not just the drug cartel, Mr 125 owns a chain of brothels in China, Singapore and Thailand. He appointed the fugitive druglord San Niang Thanga in charge of the laboratory set up on the ground floor of Upen Biswas’ Salt Lake residence,” said M.K. Singh, director-general of NCB.

“He (Wong) used to spend most of the time in his bathroom and seldom came out in the open. He used to talk, even to his most trusted men, from behind a veil. He planned all his operations from his inner chamber.”

Recently, the US Federal Drug Enforcement Agency zeroed in on Wong, responsible for shipping drugs worth $100 million to the East Coast. According to the information that the US agency is sharing with the NCB, the agents on the job were “stunned” when they reached Wong’s house in Fuzhon city.

Posing as clients, they were allowed entry into the druglord’s palatial house but not his chambers. There was a heavy curtain hanging from the door and Wong spoke to the agents “in a husky voice” from behind it. “During the course of their conversation, they never, even for a moment, managed to see Wong’s face,” said an NCB official.

As soon as the deal was settled, Wong’s men drove the agents out. “The entire operation was carried out with the assistance of the Chinese police. Later, in a midnight swoop, the US agents nabbed Mr 125. Now, he is languishing in a Chinese jail,” said Singh. The US agents also arrested 32 core members of Gang 125.

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