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Mamata rules, mayor retreats
A day after allowing Mayor Subrata Mukherjee to sack the mayoral council packed with her loyalists, Trinamul Congress leader Mamata Banerjee — in lawyer’s robes — did a complete somersault. ...  | Read.. 
Violent Valley now turns a haven for MPs
For once, the leaders have shown the way. ...  | Read.. 
Cong frowns on Advani retinue
The deputy Prime Minister continues to draw public attention for the wrong reasons. If L.K. Advani expected the row created by BJP chief and confidant Venkaiah Naidu’s remarks on who should lead the party’s election chal ...  | Read.. 
History’s hands-off warning on Iraq
The tragic tale of Indian soldiers fighting Britain’s war in Al Kut
In the annals of Indian military history, there are hundreds of stories of how poorly-clad and ill-equipped soldiers died fighting other people’s wars in foreign lands. ...  | Read.. 
Mamata Banerjee appears in lawyer’s robe at Bankshal Court on Tuesday. Picture by Amit Datta
It is not an alliance of convenience. It is a principled relationship between the world’s biggest democracies: the largest and the other the strongest

on Indo-US ties
30 minutes with Bush, 8 with Rice
It was a “drop-in” which reflected the state of Indo-US relations. Five minutes after deputy Pr ...  | Read..
Sink spot swallows ship, big logs adrift
A second ship sank at the mouth of the Hooghly in a month, sending giant logs rolling into the ...  | Read..
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BJP meet to meditate on own manifesto
The likelihood of the BJP releasing its own manifesto will come up at ...   | Read.. 
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Drug racket & neglect slur rock hospital
Angry employees of Burdwan Medical College and Hospital today drove ou ...   | Read.. 
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Israel murder bid blot on road map
Israel tried to kill the public face of Hamas today, wounding Palestinian ...   | Read.. 
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One call before final goodbye
Adrian le Roux’s decision to sever ties with the Board continues to be ...   | Read.. 
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Goons and gown grip court
It was the Mamata Banerjee of old in a new garb. But the effect she had was ...   | Read.. 
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No reason to get smug
The author is former secretary, ministry of information and broadcasting ...   | Read.. 
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Bank scrips clobbered after share probe call
The recent winning streak on bourses snapped today with the Bombay Stock E ...   | Read..