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Grand learning

San Francisco, June 8 (Reuters): A 97-year-old great-grandmother who quit school to help her sharecropper parents pick cotton will receive a high school diploma after going back to school to study computers.

“I wanted to do this when I was a young lady but my parents just couldn’t afford it,” Gustava Bennett-Burrus said in an interview. “I long wanted to go back.”

Fish freaks

Francisco (Reuters): Two students at the University of California at Santa Cruz are facing expulsion and up to a year in prison after stealing an 18-inch koi fish from a campus pond, a university spokesperson said on Saturday. Elizabeth Irwin said Matthew Cox and Casey Loop had been charged with theft and malicious mischief after confessing to taking the koi — Midas, also known as Goldie — in the early hours of May 20. The fate of the fish was not known but Irwin said it was rumoured to have been cooked and eaten as a student prank. “In general the campus has felt a lot of disgust,” she said. Cox and Loop paid several hundred dollars for a fish to replace Midas, believed to have been dragged out of the pond with a rake. At the time of the theft, the fraternity was being filmed for an MTV reality show on campus life.

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