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Self-help can fend off fires

TAPAS ROY, Trinamul Congress MLA from Burrabazar, met readers of The Telegraph last week at 6, Brabourne Road. Participants included Ram Avatar Mundhra, Ram Rana, Birendra Shaw, Umaid Choraria, Z.H. Khan, N.K. Singh, Shyam Narayan Singh, Ajoy Singh and Irfan Abbas (Concluded)

Ram Rana: Burrabazar as trade hub is under constant threat of major fires. How do you propose to fight this hazard'

Thatís absolutely correct. The fire at Satyanarayan Park AC Market was an eye-opener. Although it borders my constituency, I did my best to stand by the businessmen there. I suggest that every trader make arrangements for fire-fighting. Combustible items should not be stored. It should be remembered that every fire is not caused by intent. Moreover, our fire-fighting system is neither well-equipped nor sophisticated. Even the firemen need more training to tackle different types of fire. So, I always suggest that self-help is the best help.

Shyam Narayan Singh: Thereís a vat on Brabourne Road that is not only a health risk but also a traffic hazard.

That is a major problem. The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) should not neglect it. I will take up the matter with the mayoral council member in charge of conservancy so that the vat is cleared regularly to keep the area clean and avert chances of an accident.

Shyam Narayan Singh: The government promised jobs to the next of kin of those who were killed when a portico of Society cinema caved in. Even the injured were assured jobs. These people are still waiting.

It is sad and shocking that the promises have not been kept. Iíll see what can be done.

Ajoy Singh: Shanties line the waterfront from Jagannath Ghat to Armenian Ghat, in which illegal activities are conducted. Canít this nuisance be checked'

I have spoken to senior police officers a number of times. I am determined to find a permanent solution to this problem.

Irfan Abbas: Illegal constructions are thriving in Burrabazar.

I have informed the director-general of buildings in the CMC. In some cases, steps have been taken. I am aware that something more needs to be done to check unauthorised constructions.

Irfan Abbas: The government has long vacated the stable on Colootola Street. The spot has been taken over by goons.Canít it be converted into something useful'

I know the place is vacant. I am trying to set up a community hall or a health centre there. Or even a training centre for women can be opened. I shall take up the matter with the government.

Ram Avatar Mundhra: Thereís trouble in the trade hub. Criminal activities are rampant and even murders have been committed. How do you plan to protect the business community'

I have already proposed that a special task force be formed for the safety of Burrabazar. I shall raise the issue again in the Assembly.

N.K. Singh: Once khatals (cowsheds) were evicted to keep the cityís sewerage system free and also to prevent malaria. Why did the drive end'

Actually, everything should be done in a well-planned manner. The khatals were evicted all right, but the government had no follow-up plan on how to utilise the land it had gained by removing the khatals. Our plan is to make Calcutta a city for all sections. As for Burrabazar, it should be remembered that it is mini-India. The area is populated by every kind of person. Utmost attention needs to be paid so that the people can live in a pollution-free and healthy atmosphere.

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