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‘It does seem that doctors have violated all possible human rights norms while treating Rajnis’
Human rights panel official

Rights probe in neglect death
After the police, it is now the turn of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission to probe the death of Rajnis Patel. The 17-year-old cricketer from Bhowanipore died due to medical negligence in the orthopaedics ward of the SSKM Hospital last Monday....  | Read.. 
Verdict upholds costs claim
When it comes to prescribing a pathological test, the doctor’s decree is final, and don’t bother if the insurance agency argu...  | Read.. 
Cops coach banks on basic steps for security
To ensure that bank dacoities do not give them sleepless nights once again, as they did in the pre-1997 days, the Calcutta Po...  | Read.. 
Life and times of cowgirl Akuli, 7
Akuli Majhi is seven years old. The Santhal girl wakes up at sunrise every morning, walks 10 km from her village, Kalabani, i...  | Read.. 
Now, the right look for you is a click away
If she’s — or he’s — got the look, it could mean yet another tribute to a computer. Just key in the height, weight, age, bloo ...  | Read.. 
It’s a world culture concert for refugee children, with Kurdish dancers, Latin American music, an African band and Afghan singers. Among these perform ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, June 09, 2003
Roads to avoid
Tracing the rhythm of life
Dance is a primitive form of expression. Since tim...  | Read.. 
 You Share Your Birthday With...
Amisha PatelYou are fun-loving, creative and an extrovert. It’s important to spend time wi ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Self-help can fend off fires
  Vice flourishes in waterfront park
Together, HIV intervention at the workplace
An employee of an IT firm was recently diagnosed with HIV. “What do we d...  | Read.. 

Arrested for forging signature on certificates
Ramji Rao, 23, was arrested on Saturday night from the Bally police station...  | Read.. 

Women as targets of women
It’s women against women. Mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law are the perpetr...  | Read.. 

Train missed in time mess
The Rajdhani Express jinx just refuses to end. A day after passengers of a ...  | Read.. 

B-school to put railway on fast track
The headquarters may have shifted out of Calcutta, but for success strategi...  | Read.. 

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