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Reform focus in Pak budget
Pakistanís finance minister Shaukat Aziz vowed today to continue with economic reforms in his 2003-04 budget, though his voice was drowned out by Opposition protests against the militaryís role in politics. ...  | Read.. 
Hamas firm
The militant Islamic group Hamas repeated today it will keep up suicide attacks on Israelis unless Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas retracts peace pledges made at a U ...  | Read.. 
Nuclear programme heat on Iran
The International Atomic Energy Agency has concluded that Iran violated international safeguards agreements by secretly acquiring 1.8 tons of uranium from China a decade ...  | Read.. 
US soldier killed in Tikrit ambush
US troops were ambushed near Saddam Husseinís hometown today, as UN nuclear experts began work to assess looting at Iraqís main nuclear facility. ...  | Read.. 
Britainís Prince Harry standing next to a bronze statue of Perseus holding the Gorgonís head at Eton College, Windsor. The 18-year-old prince, who is ...  | Read
Foam debris proof in shuttle mishap
Columbia investigators obtained their first direct evidence in a test yesterday that foa..  | Read.. 
Yangon blames Suu Kyi party for clashes
A top Myanmar general blamed the party of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi for a deadly clash ..  | Read.. 
Poles cast ballot on joining EU
Poland voted today in a two-day referendum on joining the ...  | Read..