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Car tech tips from Schumiís teacher
Kurt Grossmann is an ex-cop, a car expert and the winner of about 500 national and international racing championships. He drove in the same Italian kart team as Ayrton Senna and, while at the wheel, he also taught Michael Schumacher how to drive...  | Read.. 
Donít lose head on lice
Theyíre annoying and persistent and end up in the itchy scalps of countless schoolchildren every year, but head lice are ess ...  | Read.. 
Court battle for right to beg
A beggar is taking her local council to court claiming that a city centre ban on vagrants is infringing her human right ...  | Read.. 
Men beat women in beauty game
What looks good on the goose looks good on the gander, too, a new survey shows. ...  | Read.. 
Richard Gere plays the drums in Tel Aviv during a visit to promote peace in West Asia. (AFP)