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Peace team: One giant & the little three
US President George W. Bush has a dream of Israeli and Palestinian states living in peace, but secretary of state Colin Powell is the one burning the midnight oil to try to make it a reality. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez acts on Shariat belt
The Pakistani government today recalled the top bureaucrat and police chief of a province bordering Afghanistan that has adopted a series of radical Islamic reforms. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal gets royalist PM
Nepal’s king defied opposition demands and appointed a royalist as the new Prime Minister today, setting the stage for fresh political turmoil. ...  | Read.. 
Even as Chinese police maintained tight vigil against any protests to mark the 14th anniversary of the Tiananmen square military crackdown, the government has again spurned a ...  | Read.. 
A woman carries a child evacuated after an explosion on the upper floor of a residential building in central Paris on Wednesday, in which 24 people w ...  | Read
Hamas for time, settlers seethe
Palestinian militant groups vowed today they would not disarm, defying an appeal by Palestinian Pri..  | Read.. 
Bigger arms-claim bomb ticks on Blair
Probes on both sides of the Atlantic into claims Washington and London hyped evidence of Iraq’s wea..  | Read.. 
Suu Kyi hurt, fear diplomats
Diplomats and Myanmar dissidents fear that opposition leade ...  | Read..