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Of landscapes

Soumitra Datta is a veteran amateur photo-artist whose area of specialisation is landscapes. “The infinite variations of nature in the landscape charm me to an inspiration. The dynamism of change evokes a challenge to captivate it. The inherent beauty of the landscapes goes on transforming every moment. Trying to translate this beauty on celluloid is the first step of this great challenge.... Through landscape photography, the panorama of life, in its entirety, can be depicted. The effects of landscapes on civilisation and the reciprocity of civilisation on landscapes are very difficult for anyone to picturise. This constantly bolsters me to continue.” The transformation of the straight narrative or the straight descriptive landscape into an impressionist or abstract piece of art corroborates the creative skills of Datta. In the fourth solo exhibition, beginning today, 55 landscapes of virgin territories are printed in metallic paper. Hosted by Centre for People’s Photography.

When: June 2 - 8; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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