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Top of the world

The triumph of Hillary and Tenzing 25 years ago had a longish history of exploration and climbing behind. The title of this book, EVEREST: SUMMIT OF ACHIEVEMENT (Roli, Rs 1,975), is thus rather apt and places the first ascent of the world’s highest peak. Everest describes the expeditions before the first successful one and the great climb in 1953. The text by Stephen Venables — one of the great climbers who ascended Everest by the most difficult route, the East Face — is lucid, accurate and gripping. He is particularly good on the early expeditions and very balanced in his analysis of the disappearance of Mallory and Irvine. The picture shows Eric Shipton in 1935 looking at Everest’s North Face and the West Ridge. Hillary and Tenzing did not use this route which the early expeditions had opened up. They climbed via the Western Cwm, the South Col and the southeastern ridge, a longer but relatively easier route. Everest continues to beckon with its plumes.

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