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Blair hails troops’ courage in Basra
British Prime Minister Tony Blair brushed aside controversy today over the justification for toppling Saddam Hussein, acclaiming his troops as heroes during a lightning tour of southern Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Pentagon seeks a Big Brother robot
The Pentagon is shopping for ways to capture everything a person sees, says and hears as part of a project it says is meant to help create smarter robots. ...  | Read.. 
Virus fears rock Toronto
SARS has killed two more people in Toronto and concern about the deadly virus shut down a Toronto-area high school yesterday, sending staff and students into quarantine and r ...  | Read.. 
Zoo chief appeals for funds
The interim administrator of the Baghdad zoo yesterday appealed to zoo and animal welfare groups to help raise $1 million for the once-splendid facility, which was badly dama ...  | Read.. 
Tony Blair gets a kiss from a schoolboy in Basra on Thursday. (AFP)
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Murdoch target in war against media takeovers
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is the poster boy for the evils of increased media consolidation in a ne..  | Read.. 
Divine comedy falls flat as jokers dial God
The brief appearance of what purports to be God’s telephone number in America’s top-grossing film is..  | Read.. 
Couch potatoes with fat pockets
Everyone knows that lazing around can lead to a growing pot ...  | Read.. 

Prominent Pak militant arrested
Pakistani police said they had arrested a prominent Islamic ...  | Read.. 

Riyadh, Casablanca masterminds in the net
Saudi Arabia and Morocco yesterday announced they had arres ...  | Read.. 

Baghdad bunker bombing blown
The Baghdad bunker which the US said it bombed on the open ...  | Read..