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Palestine PM urges Israel: Follow the map
Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas today said Israel should drop reservations on the US-backed “road map” for peace and embrace the plan as a historic opportunity to end nearly three years of bloodshed. ...  | Read.. 
Strike forces Chirac to defend reform
French President Jacques Chirac defended his government’s pension reforms as fair and urgent today as teachers geared up to join transport workers in a fresh strike over the ...  | Read.. 
Aid workers stay put in Aceh
Foreign medical supplies have begun arriving in Indonesia’s war-torn Aceh province to help avert a humanitarian crisis, as international aid workers stayed put despite a gove ...  | Read.. 
Parties in budget threat
Pakistani Opposition parties, led by hardline Islamic groups, threatened today to block the passage of next year's budget through parliament if an impasse over the milit ...  | Read.. 
Whitney Houston and Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem. Whitney is on a private visit to Israel. (Reuters)
Beautiful is best
Actor weds
Drunk down
Iran strikes back at US for nuke lab salvo
Iran today denied US charges it had secret nuclear facilities or links with al Qaida and accused Wa..  | Read.. 
No sex please, we are scared
Just 11 people came to watch the matinee at Basra’s dingy al-Rashid cinema when it reopened this we..  | Read.. 
Blair to make lightning trip to Iraq
Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed today he would make a l ...  | Read.. 

2 killed in Everest copter crash
Two people died and six were injured when a helicopter cras ...  | Read.. 

No mention of God in EU draft
The EU’s proposed constitution will contain no reference to ...  | Read.. 

War has not made world safer, says Amnesty
Washington’s “war on terror” has made the world more danger ...  | Read..