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Letters to Editor

How to win a match

Sir — Being good in bed together does not necessarily mean being good on the lawn as well. That is probably the message Steffi Graf has been trying desperately to send out to Andre Agassi (“Mum’s the word on love match”, May 23). Graf, who apparently has no problems with her hubby save his long tongue, may be apprehensive about sharing shots with him on the grass. From the intensity with which she discusses and watches his play, there is no doubt she has spotted enough problems with his game. That is probably why she doesn’t want to risk being a losing combination.

Yours faithfully,
Rana Singh, Calcutta

Dial P for murder

Sir — Although the Bahujan Samajwadi Party minister, Amarmani Tripathi, has been removed from office and the case handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department, questions remain with regard to the murder of Madhumita Shukla (“Cover-up cry in poet murder”, May 12). Why is the minister shirking the DNA test for the dead foetus from Shukla’s womb' Why isn’t the police insisting that he take the test' If the minister had nothing to do with Shukla, and met her only casually at the kavi sammelans in his constituency, he should have nothing to fear from the test.

The fact that both Mayavati and the minister himself are certain of his receiving a “clean chit” from the CID and of being reinstated in his position explains why the test is not being conducted. A dead foetus can complicate matters. Little wonder the police has had no time to send the remnants for DNA testing from Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Medical University, where they languish.

Yours faithfully,
Syeda Kulsum Khan,


Sir — Political connections always seem to end in gruesome murders. Two cold-blooded killings, that of Shivani Bhatnagar and of Madhumita Shukla, attest to this fact. Both the BSP minister, Amarmani Tripathi, and his wife, Madhubani, had been accused of having a hand in the murder by the sister of the dead poetess. Yet within days, Nidhi, the sister, not only retracted her statement, but alleged that the opposition had forced her into making the claims. She has even gone to the extent of saying that her sister was not pregnant at the time of murder. The political game could not have been murkier.

Clearly, Nidhi has acted under duress. Instead of assisting the investigating agencies in the case, Nidhi is now desperate to wriggle out of the situation. Perhaps she is under intense pressure from the minister and his henchmen to shut up or face the same consequences as her sister. Uttar Pradesh is known for the notoriety of its politicians, the present chief minister included. Leaders can go to any length to wreak political vengeance. But if Nidhi loved her sister, she should face all odds bravely.

Yours faithfully,
S. Ram, Calcutta

Sir — Handing over the probe of the Madhumita Shukla to the CID is simply an eyewash because political rulers of states do affect investigating agencies working under their governments. The Bharatiya Janata Party is uselessly risking defamation by remaining silent and even defensive for the deeds committed by its ally. It is regrettable that the Union home minister should keep quiet over the political games being played in UP over the murder. He should take the initiative to hand over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

There is no doubt that when the Samajwadi Party comes to power, Mulayam Singh Yadav will order the case to be investigated in much the same way that Mayavati has in reopening the case against her political opponents like Raju Bhaiyya. Be that as it may, given the criminalization of politics in states like UP and Bihar, some legislation should be enacted immediately to remove persons with criminal records from ministries.

Yours faithfully,
Subhas C. Agrawal,


Sir — The Madhumita Shukla case is a foregone conclusion. While the immediate killers will rot in jail, the masterminds will go back to their gaddi.

Yours faithfully,
R. Shukla, Calcutta

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