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Hundreds killed in Algeria quake
Rescue workers scrabbled at mounds of rubble today to find survivors of an earthquake in the Algerian capital and nearby towns that killed almost 800 people and injured nearly 6,000. ...  | Read.. 
‘Explosive device’ rattles Yale
An “explosive device” went off yesterday afternoon in a mailroom of Yale University’s law school, the FBI said, but there were no immediate reports of any injuries. ...  | Read.. 
Blair accused
Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair was accused today of ignoring a legal warning against imposing political reform on post-war Iraq without explicit United Nations support. ...  | Read.. 
UN approves end of Iraq ban
The UN Security Council overwhelmingly approved today an end to 13-year-old sanctions against Iraq and gave the US and Britain extraordinary powers to run the country and its ...  | Read.. 
A worker covers a billboard featuring a female model in Peshawar on Thursday. (AFP)
Pak radicals seek to Talibanise border areas
Curbs on music and videos, destruction of posters featuring women, and a complete ban on alcohol...  | Read.. 
Dixie Chicks still paying price for war criticism
Former country music darlings the Dixie Chicks are still paying a price for criticising the US-led ..  | Read.. 
No mercy for Aceh rebels, say troops
Indonesian troops fought rebels across six different parts ...  | Read.. 

French scribes harassed at LA
Six French journalists were handcuffed, body searched and l ...  | Read.. 

Bangla Cabinet
Bangladesh Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia today cut the s ...  | Read..