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Green pastures: Under threat
Uprooted trees watered by crocodile tears

The Nor’wester that wreaked havoc on April 16, uprooting more than 200 trees according to official estimates, had prompted the civic authorities to make up for the loss by planting saplings (A tree for every tree felled by storm, Metro, April 21).

But little care for the trees was shown when these were standing tall near the roadside. So many organisations nailed hoardings and boards on their barks.

Local clubs would chop their branches for unnecessary electric decorations during the Pujas and street-dwellers, too, would often lop off an offshoot for fuel.

The greenery will be brought back, no doubt, with a lot of fanfare. Some minister or high-ranking official will probably launch the plant-a-sapling drive. But after a few days, the wire enclosures around the saplings would invariably be stolen, providing fodder for cows and goats. Or, a street urchin may carelessly pluck the leaves and uproot it. All this is routine.

Wasn’t the government official joking when he said water would be sprayed on the saplings if the monsoon made a late arrival'

Santanu Ganguly,


Perils of a stroll

The report ‘Victorian gang cries molest to rob males’ (Metro, April 26) is shocking. A large number of visitors throng the Victoria grounds everyday — some for a stroll and others just to relax on the green lawns. It’s a scary thought to have a group of women loitering on the campus, looking for a target. The police and the Memorial authorities must jointly crack down on such rackets. We don’t want to be robbed of this serene spot.

Prahlad Agarwala,


Hoodlums have hit upon a novel method of robbing people at the Victoria Memorial. Such incidents are likely to scare away tourists. The need of the hour is round-the-clock police patrol in the compound.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Mature and moving

Kids like Samrat Chanda, a thalassaemic patient all of 11 years, inject enthusiasm and vitality into all those who come in contact with them with their extraordinary acts. His decision to raise funds for a thalassaemia hospital by organising soirees has touched our hearts (Soiree debut for healthy cause, Metro, April 17).

Bhupen Bose,

Dum Dum Park.

HS poser

The Higher Secondary Council can’t afford to be lackadaisical while setting question papers (Maths paper poses problem, Metro, April 16). What will happen to all those students who have fared poorly in the paper' The Council surely doesn’t have the right to jeopardise their careers. The scripts should be checked leniently.

T.R. Anand,

Budge Budge.

The Higher Secondary Council deserves to be berated for putting the candidates on a sticky wicket. The maths second paper, containing differential and integral calculus, is tough to tackle. To score well in this portion requires a good grasp of the application techniques and adequate practice. Unless the Class X standard of maths is improved, or some portions are deleted from the Class XII syllabus, the second paper will always pose a problem.

Sunil Banerjee,

Dum Dum.

Entry before time

When the ICSE results were yet to be published in March, some of the city’s Anglo-Indian schools had already started admitting students to their ISC courses after conducting internal entrance examinations and charging enormous fees. Such acts belittle the efforts of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (Merit sermon for church schools, Metro, April 26). A lot more transparency is required in the system.

S.K. Dutta,

Salt Lake.

Market blaze

The blaze at Satyanarayan Park AC Market has once again exposed the inefficiency of the fire brigade (Mart burns, Buddha squirms, Metro, April 24). The department can seldom act efficiently in an emergency. The situation is unlikely to change for the better as long it is under the government.

Raj K. Bagri,

Ho Chi Minh Sarani.

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