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Mission holiday in Saudi strike fear
The US and Britain said today they were closing their embassies and other missions in Saudi Arabia tomorrow due to the risk of attacks following suicide bombings in Riyadh last week. ...  | Read.. 
Harry Potter and the marketing blitz
Welcome to Harry Potter and the Marketing Blitz. ...  | Read.. 
Ankara cafe blast
A bomb exploded in a cafe in the Turkish capital, Ankara, today, killing a woman and injuring another person. Police were investigating whether it was a suicide attack, autho ...  | Read.. 
Saudis dangerously split over religious reform
Saudi Islamist Suleiman al-Deweesh won?t send his children to school because he doesn?t want them exposed to liberal ideas. He also believes non-Muslims have no business in S ...  | Read.. 
Daniel Radcliffe in a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (Reuters)
Hair like Beckham
Beauty flight
Baby blues
Casablanca?s ?killer? shanty
The Casablanca bombings changed the lives of many people in Sidi Moumen, a poor district of the cit..  | Read.. 
Dogville director, Nicole rule at Cannes
They?re probably one of the odder couples ever seen at Cannes? 56-year-old film festival. Yesterday,..  | Read.. 
Militants challenge Palestine Premier
A new wave of suicide bombings in Israel presents Palestini ...  | Read.. 

Daily rise in virus cases in Taiwan
Taiwan reported a record daily rise in SARS infections and ...  | Read.. 

Floods aftermath hits Lanka
Sri Lanka fought today to feed and shelter more than 200,00 ...  | Read.. 

Troops parachute into Aceh
Indonesian troops parachuted into central Aceh province tod ...  | Read..