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Heard on tape: paisa de do

The following are excerpts from the transcripts, leaked by police, of the taped conversations purported to be between Malaysia-based don Fazlur Rehman, his henchman Uday Shetty, Prafful Sarees owner Pankaj Agarwal and Shilpa Shetty’s parents, Surendra and Sunanda.

Uday (to Agarwal): Shilpa Shettywala matter hai... Baat karna hai.

Agarwal: Kya matter' Kaisa matter' Aap kaun bol rahen hain'

Uday: Tu ek kaam kar, bhai se baat kar le (Ok, do one thing, talk to bhai directly).

Agarwal: Where, in Malaysia...

At this point, Uday Shetty gives Rehman’s number. It is now Rehman’s turn to threaten Agarwal.

Rehman: Apko unko do khokha dena padega (You give them Rs 2 crore). Baat ho gayi hai naa

Agarwal: But I don’t have payments to make...

Rehman: No, you will have to pay up. What is this, sort it out. We will talk.

A day later, Uday once again calls up Agarwal.

Uday: So, what have you thought...

Agarwal: (pleading) But what am I supposed to give, everything is clear... there was no agreement to this effect. We have paid up already.

Uday: We have even taken an advance (from the Shettys) to recover the money from you. Agar paisa nahin diya to hum tumhara game kar denge... (We’ll bump you off if you don’t pay up...)

Agarwal: But how do we know you are Shetty’s man'

Uday: I’ll give you a (phone) number, you talk there. (Here, the number of Shetty, who’s in Kashmir, is given.) Baat karlo aap.

Agarwal: Kab' Abhi' (When' Right now')

Uday: Haan, abhi… (Yes, now is fine...)

Agarwal: Ok, I’ll speak to him.

Uday: I’ve already spoken to Mr Shetty, you talk with him now.

Agarwal (to Surendra Shetty): You and I are businessmen. This is not the right way to conduct business. These people (the gangsters) don’t speak our language, they don’t talk straight.

Shetty: This is because of what you have done. (Getting angry) You will have to give the money. How many times we discussed' We called you up so many times. Even the notices were not answered. Sunanda knows… What can I say now. Hum kya kar sakte hain (justifying the services of the Fazlur Rehman gang).

Agarwal: But… about the money… there was nothing of this sort (meaning their agreement)… Achcha, aap bataiye.

Shetty: You can give me a cheque, and cash also. I have no problem. I will tell you.

Agarwal: Bringing them into the picture…

Shetty: No, you have to give me the money. I am in Kashmir right now, you better speak to Sunanda. I can give you her number. You talk to her.

Sunanda is in a Srinagar hotel. Her name crops up often; she, too, is in the thick of things.

Agarwal calls up Sunanda: Fazlur (Rehman) is harassing me. I keep getting phone calls from him. He says a lot of things. I am very troubled, I can’t even go to office and work these days. Please stop these people. Ask them to stop...

Sunanda: Aap humko paisa de do, phones apne aap hi band ho jayega (You give us the mo-ney, the calls will stop on th- eir own).

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