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Method to Madness

David possesses a maddening passion for football. The awe-inspiring charisma of his football coach influences David so much that even after his coach’s death, he refuses to accept the permanent absence of his beloved ‘Sir’, and creates an alter-ego. He develops a Split Personality Disorder and assumes himself to be ‘Sir’. The coach’s daughter, Serena and her psychiatrist friend Olivia, help David to come out of the claustrophobic trauma gradually. Once cured, he takes up another profession — that of an author and ends up writing a masterpiece, Method to Madness. He even wins a prestigious award for his critically acclaimed book. It is his ‘madness’ that takes him a step ahead in his endeavour to reach his goal. The play is written and directed by debutant Nirmalya Majumder, a 12th standard student, who says, “When you love something or someone, you have to be mad about your passion. Method to madness is our line, our motto and our attitude. In life, as in football, there are goals, which we all want to achieve. Life is all about scoring goals. David did just that through his methodical madness.” This Theatrician production features Majumder himself along with Gargi Sen and Anuradha Mukherjee.

When: Today at 11 am

Where: Coffee Pai Cafe, Camac Street

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