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Terminator 3 my toughest movie: Arnie

Cannes, May 17 (Reuters): Arnold Schwarzenegger said yesterday that Terminator 3 ranked as the toughest movie he had ever made and vowed his days as an action hero were far from over.

The 55-year-old actor was reportedly paid $30 million to reprise his role as the unstoppable man-machine from the future and he hopes the release in July of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines will restore the box office muscle he once wielded at the peak of his career. Schwarzenegger, his eye firmly on the worldwide publicity machine at the Cannes film festival, flew in to be star guest at a party hosted by the MTV music channel at the futuristic Riviera home of Pierre Cardin.

For the former body-builder, this was his eighth trip to Cannes. His first was in 1977 to promote the docu-drama Pumping Iron.

Staying at the top has been tough for the Austrian-born actor. In January, he underwent surgery to repair a shoulder injury suffered while performing a stunt in the latest Terminator movie.

“I worked harder on Terminator 3 than on any other movie I have ever done. It was very hard as far as stunts were concerned,” he said. “I got some serious injuries which resulted in hip problems, back problems, and surgery on my shoulder.” But the muscles are still rippling.

“I have so many more years left,” he said of his movie career. “I am in great shape, and I can go on for many, many more years. I consider this like the mid-term of my career and my life.” The first two Terminator films were box-office hits, producing the trademark sign-off: “I’ll be back”.

“There will be great one-liners in the new film,” he added.

“When we did Terminator One, ‘I’ll be back’ was a line that we did not know when we filmed it was going to be one of the most repeated lines in the history of motion pictures.”

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