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Sweeping terror alerts sting tourist hotspots
Terror alerts spread around the world today amid suspicions of new al Qaida operations, but countries with tourist hotspots accused Britain of overreacting and the US of being ?afraid of its own shadow?. ...  | Read.. 
Taiwan health minister quits
Taiwan?s health minister resigned today to take the blame for a string of SARS outbreaks at three major hospitals, three weeks after his counterpart in China was sacked follo ...  | Read.. 
America warns of another Saudi attack
FBI and CIA agents joined the hunt for masterminds of the Riyadh suicide bombings today as Washington warned Saudi Arabia?s expatriate community of another possible imminent ...  | Read.. 
Sparks fly over smoking theory
Researchers reporting in a British medical journal said today that passive smoking may not be as harmful as previously thought, leading critics to question the study?s method ...  | Read.. 
beverly hills couple: Eddie Murphy and his wife, Nicole Mitchell, during a basketball game in Los Angeles. (AFP)
Pay for pleasure
Cash control
Bush starts on poll road
President George W. Bush took the first step in his campaign for a second term today by forming a c..  | Read.. 
Claudia lets church journal publish nuptial snap
After going to considerable lengths to prevent the paparazzi from getting photos of her wedding las..  | Read.. 
Cosmetic changes in US draft
The US submitted a new draft of its resolution to lift sanc ...  | Read..