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Bush puts civilian face to US occupation
US President George W. Bush today named former state department counter-terrorism chief L. Paul Bremer as the top civil administrator for Iraq, supplanting a retired general and putting a more civilian face on the US occupation while retaining Pentagon control. ...  | Read.. 
Hollywood pitches in to help Ali
Hollywood has launched a drive to bring a limbless Iraqi orphan who became the symbol of civilian suffering in the US-led war to the US for medical treatment. ...  | Read.. 
Harare court rejects media curbs
Zimbabwe?s highest court today struck down tough media legislation which made it an offence to publish ?falsehoods?, after the government conceded the provisions were unconst ...  | Read.. 
Saviour of forests, e-paper closer to reality
Electronic paper, which promises to change the face of publishing and save forests, came closer to reality today as scientists revealed a super-thin, flexible electronic-ink ...  | Read.. 
Tender tiger: Sai Mai, a 26-month-old tigress, plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Chonburi province, 80 km east of Bangkok, on Wednesday. The Royal Beng ...  | Read
Grannies on the go
Noise merit
Phone scent
Surf at loo
War message on secret tape
An Australian newspaper said today it had been handed an audiotape in Baghdad of a message, possibl..  | Read.. 
Virus alarm in China hinterland
China said today the number of SARS cases in Beijing, the worst affected place in the world, may so..  | Read.. 
Cheney to be Bush running mate in 2004
US Vice-President Dick Cheney confirmed in an interview pub ...  | Read.. 

Beijing?s red curtain parts
China?s dramatic decision to report openly on the SARS epid ...  | Read.. 

Japan fails to coax Tigers back to talks
Sri Lanka?s biggest aid donor Japan said today it had not b ...  | Read.. 

Fear drives owners to kill, abandon their pets
Fear the flu-like SARS virus can be spread by dogs and cats ...  | Read..