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Down with imperialism: Agitators in war mood on city streets

Bravehearts fight shadows in own backyard

Apropos the report ‘Iraq’s tin soldiers fight against glass’, published in Metro on April 5, it is a matter of concern to note that some people are indulging in sheer vandalism and have attacked shops and establishments selling goods produced in the US and the UK. These stupid individuals think that this is the most effective way to express their resentment against the US onslaught on Iraq. These angry demonstrators are dwelling in fool’s paradise as they are destroying Indian properties. Their actions will have practically little effect on the countries which have unleashed the reign of terror and are killing innocent people in foreign lands.

These demonstrators should be told that such unruly behaviour will yield no result but may affect the economic rejuvenation of the state. The Intelligence Branch of the police should be trained so that such undesirable activities may not recur.

Rabindranath Kar,

Sankar Ghosh Lane.

Mother’s plight

I am unable to gather words to condemn this monster called Mahesh Jhawar (Mother fights so daughters survive, Metro, April 9). He came to know about his wife’s lack of “moral integrity” after spending so many years with her! What “moral integrity” is he talking about' Even if his wife’s character is questioned, what is the fault of his daughters' If Jhawar thinks that the girls are not his daughters then why doesn’t he get a DNA test done' This man should be socially ostracised. The law should interfere to protect the rights of the woman and her daughters. Strangely, where are women’s rights activists'

Govind Das Dujari,

Diamond Harbour Road.

If Madhu Jhawar is not at fault then why have her brothers disowned her' A brother will never do so unless she has done something so drastic that any association with her might tarnish the family’s image.

R.K. Bagri,

Ho Chi Minh Sarani.

Review the system

In the new system, the marks awarded in the review is credited to examinees instead of the earlier system of drawing up the average of the original and the review marks (CU script review boon for students, Metro, April 4). However, the sharp difference between the two, points to flaws in the system. It raises questions as to whether it is providing equity and justice to students. Is it not prudent to award grades instead of marks'

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.

Whose story'

Apropos the Metro report ‘Syllabus shift to shun Stalin slur’ (March 31), it is shocking to note that to please CPM mandarins the Higher Secondary Council has decided to scrap the chapter concerning Stalin. The ideal teachers’ duty is to hold up the mirror of true history before students and not distort it.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

Love’s labour lost

The report ‘Long lonely vigil for lost love’ (Metro, April 10) touched me deeply. It is sad to know of someone so young as Pompy being exploited. She deserves to start life afresh.

Kunal Ray,


Rid of tax trouble

The report ‘Pay Beltala at bank for tax token’ (Metro, April 10) does call for accolades. Indeed, the Motor Vehicles Department had done the right thing by helping 900,000 vehicle-owners in and around Calcutta. Such a move would help vehicle-owners avoid the touts. With a government department taking such a bold step, there is no need of privatisation altogether.

T.R. Anand,

Address not given.

It is heartening to note that the government has decided that some banks will be able to accept road tax. This will simplify the system.

Jayanta Datta,

Chinsurah, Hooghly.

Lesson of life

Apropos the report ‘Wait without end for verdict’ (Metro, April 3), it is pathetic the way the district primary school council treated Nirupama Gupta, an octogenarian retired teacher. Her cry before the judges pulls at our heartstrings.

Naren Sen,


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