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‘There is nothing unique or brazen about telling the health centres to treat bio-medical waste or be prepared to shut down’
West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Foot the bill for civic services
Want to be citizens of a better Calcutta' Be prepared to pay the price....  | Read.. 
Correa’s new centre towards the east
A bustling bazaar superimposing layers of order into an enchanting tapestry, rows of canopied pedestrian streets, a tramcar s...  | Read.. 
Closure slap on dirty clinics
Clean up or close down. The message, from the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (PCB) to hospitals reluctant to treat their...  | Read.. 
Post-mortem law ahead
If a fresh government policy — still in the nascent stage — comes through, post-mortem will become mandatory for any death ca...  | Read.. 
Buddha & Islam, in his sets of coins
“Look at the legend on the coin. Sakyamuni, that’s what it reads in Brahmi.” The satisfaction in the voice is evident as J.P. ...  | Read.. 
The mood was mellow, as three generations of actors took a break from a Wednesday afternoon shoot of Nir Khonje Mon, a Bengali television serie ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, May 08, 2003
Roads to avoid
Miniature beauty
it commissioned renowned artists to draw and pai...  | Read.. 
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  Review the system
Daaker saaj was sent by post from Germany
It is the 1940s. As World War II holds siege, a way of life crumbles. Bu...  | Read.. 

Of capability, potential & challenges
mountaineering. On Wednesday, she scaled another height: Public advocacy f...  | Read.. 

Cop patrol chases away burglars in New Alipore
Despite police commissioner Sujoy Chakraborty reading the riot Act to his d...  | Read.. 

Varsity scurry over errors in test papers
Flooded with complaints of “out-of-syllabus” questions from students, Calcu...  | Read.. 

Hooghly sand to fill Rajarhat
The government has taken up a project to fill about 1,000 hectares of low-l...  | Read.. 

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Date set for release of SARS suspects
Two dead in road mishaps
Hurt in collapse
Attack arrest
Held for teasing
Bangla meet
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Follower of lines and curves
he illustrates books, teaches toddlers art and draws in his spare time. Asi ...  | Read..