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Charmingly simple rustic beauty

An artist cannot deny art, nor should he want to. If you believe in an ideal, you donít own it, it owns you.... ó Raymond Chandler

Narayan Chandra Sinha, a talented youth, was born in a small lush hamlet in Bengal. From an early age, Sinha took to art and showed a natural flair for painting. He also developed a knack for sculpture at an early age. During his teens, Sinha roamed through tribal villages and got the rare opportunity to witness the intricate process of creation of tribal art and realised the importance of various signs and symbols typical of the genre which appear like leit motif in their arts. He imbibed these elements in his works and gradually they became an inherrent part of his creative universe. His paintings are devoid of flashy embellishments. Rather, they are reflective of the artistís inner thoughts as he depicts his subjects, specially nature, in its pristine glory. He experiments with styles, form and media while evolving his very own style. He is equally at ease while switching from one medium to another because he has worked extensively in oil, charcoal, line drawings and collages. He also collects scrap materials, moulds them and creates beautiful sculptures out of them.

When: Till May 11; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts, Central Gallery

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