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Dr Germ’s husband in American custody
US forces said today they were holding Saddam Hussein’s veteran oil minister, Amir Muhammed Rasheed, whose wife is bioweapons scientist Rihab Taha, widely known as “Dr Germ”. ...  | Read.. 
For women, war has meant only hardship
The US-led war in Afghanistan was hailed as a triumph for the rights of women, but in Iraq women say liberation American-style has brought them little but hardship. ...  | Read.. 
US troops to quit Saudi base
The US said today it was ending military operations in Saudi Arabia and removing virtually all its forces from the kingdom by mutual agreement following the Iraq war. ...  | Read.. 
Curators to help restore Iraq heritage
Archaeologists from around the world vowed to help Iraq rebuild its shattered national heritage at a meeting in London today. ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush (centre) greets Shia Imam Sayed Hassan al-Qazwini, leader of the Islamic Center of America, in Dearborn, Michigan. (AFP)
Bruce backs anti-war Chicks
The Boss has posted a brief statement on his website,, supporti..  | Read.. 
The joke in Iraq is now on Saddam
Have you heard the one about Saddam Hussein' In a land where jokes about the president once were pun..  | Read.. 
Dubai TV channel seeks Sahaf as analyst
An Arab television network said today it wants to give a jo ...  | Read.. 

WHO to lift Toronto travel warning
The World Health Organisation announced today that it would ...  | Read.. 

Virus panic has blocked common sense plans
People around the world are overreacting to SARS, creating ...  | Read..