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Realtor eyes outpost plot

RABIN DEB, CPM legislator from Ballygunge and Chief Whip, government of West Bengal, met readers of The Telegraph at 94, Picnic Garden Road, to answer their queries. Participants included Arun Das, Bhaskar Roy Mitra, Shyamal Kumar Pal, Niranjan Chowdhury, Rana Chatterjee, Rabin Mukherjee, Sahiful Islam, Anand Kumar Jha, Pradip Roy and Shantanu Roy

Shyamal Kumar Pal: There used to be a police outpost on 93, Picnic Garden, that was shifted elsewhere. Now, a promoter is trying to take it over.

You are right. It is shocking that promoters are trying to grab the plot. However, there is a plan to divide Tiljala police station, because with the commissioning of the flyover, pressure will mount on it. After the bifurcation, we will need that plot to instal the new thana and, hopefully, the promoter will get no chance to grab it.

Shyamal Kumar Pal: We are residents of wards no. 95-96. Here, the land was owned by landlords. Later, the Left Front declared it vested and the matter was dragged to court. However, the landlords used underhand methods to cut up the land in small plots and sell it. Now, some promoters backed by the Trinamul Congress are trying to grab the land. Is there any way to check them'

It is true that promoters are trying to grab the land, as the government has no funds for development work. If you have any specific complaint, please inform the local police so that proper action can be taken. In addition, the local people should be more alert.

Bhaskar Roy Mitra: I live in Kusthia Government Housing Estate. On Sridhar Roy Road, in my area, lies a plot measuring about several bighas. Twelve years ago, we tried to turn it into a playing ground but work got stalled due to some unforeseen reasons. Is it possible to revive the project so we can have a decent football ground'

Let me mention a string of incidents connected with the Sridhar Roy Road plot. A convention had been held on the plot, attended by former mayor Prasanta Chatterjee and a number of eminent players. All agreed that the plot should be turned into a sports complex. Then, suddenly, we learnt that the plot could not be filled up. However, discussions are underway with the Centre to relax the Urban Land Ceiling Act, and the state governmentís consent is also needed. I am in talks with minister Asok Bhattacharya about the football field.

Arun Das: Why has work stopped on the market in Sunil Nagar Colony' Money had been sanctioned from the MPís fund.

We got an eight-cottah plot for the market. We also received Rs 13 lakh from three Rajya Sabha MPs. But the project could not be taken up by the Trinamul Congress-run civic board. I have asked municipal affairs minister Asok Bhattacharya to push the project through. And if the civic body still drags its feet, we will resort to a sit-in on the spot.

The Bondel Gate flyover, work on which is progressing after the removal of encroachers

Pradip Roy: The traffic jam at Bondel Gate has assumed alarming proportions. How do you plan to control it '

To clear the traffic jam from Bondel Gate, a convention was held and officers-in-charge of Kasba and Ballygunge police stations were asked to come up with ideas. Consensus was reached on opening a Calcutta Police thana at Bondel Gate. Presently, traffic there is managed by personnel of the Bengal Police, who arenít very effective. On Bijon Setu, you will find traffic is better managed. That is looked after by Calcutta Police.

Niranjan Chowdhury: In Picnic Garden, the population is rising but the transport situation shows no improvement.

We have several bus routes. We also have the Topsia minibus. We cannot increase the number of buses because of a roadspace crunch. Now, we are trying to introduce government buses in the area by erecting a bus terminus near Science City. I have suggested an underpass there, opening on to Science City and Energy Park, to avoid accidents. The plan is under consideration of the CMDA and the transport department.

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