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Fuelled by power: A tram trundles down the street

Incentive for medical help on wheels

It is ridiculous of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to “cry foul” at the advertisement put in by the Indian Railways that doctors may avail of a discount if they are ready to provide medical help in the event of any passenger falling sick in the train (Doctors derail track-cure call, Metro, March 21). After all, it’s only a voluntary call by the Railways and it was done with a humane purpose in mind. Nobody is forced to act as a “doctor” in the train and if any physician feels uncomfortable doing a doctor’s job while travelling, all he has to do is purchase a full-fare ticket like other ordinary passengers. So, why the fuss by the IMA' For the IMA to call the Railways’ advertisement “extremely unethical” is utterly comical. Indeed, proper medical ethics would suggest that a doctor should always come forward in the aid of an ailing person whenever he can.

Even in the US where doctors are frequently sued over trivial medical errors, it is not uncommon to find doctors volunteering to help passengers suddenly taken ill while travelling in a plane or a train. The IMA’s suggestion that every train should have a trained doctor is totally absurd.

Rather than making a clamour for non-existent issues, the IMA will be better advised to focus on the real problems like medical negligence, which is crippling the healthcare system across the country.

Kunal Saha,

President, People for Better Treatment,

Children's Hospital and Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, USA

Unfair fare hike

Apropos the report ‘Fares hiked for all transport services’ (Metro, March 26), the proposed increase in respect of all petrol or diesel-driven vehicles is justifiable in view of the continuous increase in the prices of fuel over a year or so. But I fail to understand why this will lead to a hike in tram fare as no fuel is required to ply them.

Arabinda Bose,

Jhowtala Road.

Festival of blood

It is distressing to note how a heinous crime occurred in broad daylight at Sonarpur on the day of Dol Jatra (Youth beaten to death by Holi hoods, Metro, March 20). The incident shows that the state has become a paradise for criminals.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Every year the Holi festival takes the lives of several people as miscreants take the opportunity to settle scores with opponents. This time, it was the turn of 28-year-old Sanjay Roy. The government should arrange for tighter security during the festival.

Kamruddin Ahmed Kazi,

Rabindra Sarani.

All in theory

Apropos ‘Fine to rein in road rogues’ (Metro, March 18), there is no need to enhance the fine for speeding and rash driving. Fines for these offences are already a deterrent. The need of the hour is strict enforcement of traffic laws.

Md. Moinuddin,


Role reversed

The report ‘Breadwinner babies for hire’ (Metro, March 25) was disturbing reading. With reputed companies going on lock-outs, such a situation is bound to erupt. With no promise of a livelihood, ailing parents are forced to take the reverse path and allow their babies to become breadwinners for the family.

T.R. Anand,

Address not given.

Price of bravery

Apropos the report ‘Cop widow in fight for rights’ (Metro, March 25), what could possibly be a more glaring example of the lackadaisical attitude of the state government than the fact that the widow of deputy commissioner, port, V. K. Mehta, who was brutally murdered on duty in 1984, has not yet been paid her husband’s dues'

Sunil Banerjee,

VIP Road.

V.K. Mehta was an exceptionally talented and courageous officer and laid down his life for a cause. His widow should be paid all the dues without creating any hassle.

Prahlad Agarwala,


Partial to others’ problems

It is quite amusing to note that Opposition party councillors are launching a move to improve the condition of the Santoshpur lake, which, they allege, is neglected by the CMC (Shot in arm for waterbody, Metro, March 24). The idea seems to have been mooted to malign the CMC board. Shortage of funds is scuttling development projects everywhere. How is it that the Left Front is not bothered about projects in municipalities where it holds sway'

Rabindranath Kar,

Sankar Ghosh Lane.

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